Wells Gray Outdoors Trail Reports


Mar 11, 2017 - The Bend, Swamp, Baker ellen, Ridge run, East West raft, Upper/Lower elevator, Beetlewood amd Sentinels all groomed today. Conditions excellent. We have a really good base so even with the forecast warm temperatures should still be some decent skiing for at least a couple weeks yet.

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Groomed on:
The Bend
Mar 11
School Creek Upper
Feb 26
School Creek Lower
The Pass
Feb 26
Raft East Loop
Mar 11
Raft West Loop
Mar 11
Swamp Loop Mar 11  
Ridge Run (Baker-Ellen)
Mar 11
Elevator Upper
Mar 11
Elevator Mid
Feb 10
Elevator Lower
Mar 11
Feb 26
Mar 11
Black Diamond
Jan 15
The Rollers
Feb 11
The Sentinels
Mar 11
North Thompson Park Dec 29 North Thompson Provincial Park is now trackset. It's a bit messy, but there. Hit my tracksetter with the plow by total accident yesterday... thought it was buried for the season.